Professional Indemnity

The Profession Indemnity market for the legal profession is inefficient and disparate due to jurisdictional differences, vested interests and lack of commercial competition. Law Protect have developed a consolidated approach that offers a better product at a better price and is backed by the resources of the largest insurance broker in Australia.

Adequate Professional Indemnity insurance is a vital component of a long and successful career. Things can go wrong and you need the peace of mind that you have the best possible cover in place when you need it.

Until now, the jurisdictional differences between states meant that a different policy wording and conditions was required for each jurisdiction, limiting the size of each market. Couple the small market size with mandated compliance forcing base cover sales to specific bodies and you have a situation that attracts little attention from the retail insurers.

The lack of market competition has resulted in poor products and pricing for you. Fortunately, our deep understanding of the Australian Legal profession, married to a progressive approach to legal insurance solutions provides us with access to a product and policy wording that cuts through the jurisdictional differences.

The result is a best of breed product and a consolidated market big enough to warrant volume discounting

We aim to beat existing cover, not just on price but on value as well.

 Why choose us?

  • We arrange cover for firms of all sizes, from sole practitioners to the largest firms in Australia
  • Flexible Policy Periods and Commencement Dates when you join no matter what time of the year.
  • No Billing Bands or Mid-Term Increases if your gross income is higher than anticipated.
  • Unlimited Retroactive Cover (‘tail cover’) for any prior legal practice you have undertaken.
  • Extended Continuous Cover for certain prior known matters and incidents.
  • No Excesses anywhere on your policy.
  • Run off cover for former principals and employees.
  • Run off cover for law practices that have previously ceased.

Simpler renewal process

  • Our online pre-populated proposal form ensures that your renewal process is as smooth and efficient as possible. 

Our Service sets us apart

  • We are specialist law firm providers who understand your business.
  • We provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who will be your first point of contact.

The quality of your Professional Indemnity Top Up Insurance for lawyers underpins your reputation and integrity with your clients and critical that it performs for you and your practice.

  • Most of our new business comes from referrals and recommendations
  • We only deal with reputable A-rated insurers. The service you receive, and your reputation, matters.